Elements is out!!!

Cropedcover_1Well, my book is finally released.  I’ll be sharing this with our church this weekend.  I am really excited about this.  This book took months to write and the process of editing, design, and proofing takes forever!  But it’s all worth it becasue it’s finally out.  The book is a walk through the life of John the baptist.  The premise of the book is that John was a revolutionary person and he had elements that made him the great man ever (Matt. 11).  So if we can discover these elements and implement them into our lives, then we could live a revolutionary life like his.  If you want to order it from amazon.com you can do so here.   

Leaving Rain-lanta

I don’t know what the deal is. While I am a huge Atlanta fan, I can’t wait to go home Saturday morning. It has rained ALL DAY for the last 3 days. If you aren’t aware, I hate rain. That’s why I love Miami. It rains everyday, but only for 45 minutes. So I can usually get involved in something for that long and before I know it, it’s over. I haven’t seen the sun since Tuesday. This is really messing with me…B-O-B phone home…

Catalyst Session 6

Bill Hybels shared his journey and Willow’s story over the years. It was great. I appreciated his honesty in sharing how there were times when he wanted to quit. He challenged us to step out and do what God is calling us to. He spoke of how whenever we step out and follow the Holy Spirit, God always meets us. I love Bill’s passion and commitment to reach lost people.

Catalyst – Session 5

Erwin McManus kicked things off today with an amazing message out of John 9. Erwin challenged us to not just be better leaders, but to make sure we are moving in the right direction. I loved one phrase in particular: “I don’t try to teach the Bible on Sunday. I try to share my life with God using the Scriptures.”

He proposed 5 key words that should describe the church:

#1 – Uniqueness – Jesus didn’t save us to clone us.

#2 – Creativity – We have to move from a visionary community to a visional community.

#3 – Diversity – reaching out to people that are different than us

#4 – Mysticism – People don’t see the Christian faith as spiritual anymore…but they should.

#5 – Compassion – People respond to love over conviction.

Catalyst Session 4

john Maxwell spoke to us as the elder statesman that he is about the stages of a leaders life and what are the characteristics of a person that God uses.

Here they are:

#1 – They have Passion

#2 – They develop a team

#3 – They have a niche

#4 – The understand the times

John spoke to us from the perspective of a person that is in the latter years and is challenging us youngsters to make the wise choice because we will spend the rest of our lives managing the decisions we make at this stage of our lives. Stuff that should not be taken lightly…

Day 1 is over. I love Catalyst!