Need More Church Staff After Easter?

I’ve been talking to a lot of pastors, especially those in our coaching networks, and a lot of them experience a lasting bump in growth each Easter.

If you’ve broken a certain threshold, you might now be thinking about bringing on another staff member.

So how do you go about finding the right person? 

When it comes to staffing, most leaders start with a person they’re looking to hire. I believe that’s the wrong approach.

When you’re looking to add someone to your team, the place to begin is with a job description.

This is important when staff come to you and say, “I need help. Can you hire me an assistant?”

The first thing that should should happen is for that staff member to write a job description of the position.

The key here is to answer the questions:

– What skills does this person need?

– What responsibilities are required?

– What gifts and talents are needed to make this person excel in this person?

This is the only way to interview well. If we aren’t beginning from a clear job description, it’s next to impossible to interview well. Without a job description, we can decide is we like the person we’re interviewing and if they’d gel with the rest of the team (this is really important, but they won’t last if they’re in the wrong position no matter how nice they are), but we can’t discern if they’d be right for this position.

So if you’re looking to add staff, start with defining the position. Then begin the search. It will make your process easier and you’ll hire better.

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Mastering a Pastor’s Time

Easter came and went like a whirlwind.

Now we’re celebrating what God has done, following up with guests and new believers, starting a new series, getting ready for Mother’s Day…and the list goes on.

Obviously, I don’t personally do all those things.  We do it as a team.

But as the leader, people ask me all the time, How do you get your “to do’s” done?  

So here’s what I personally do…

#1 – Group tasks together – I don’t know why, but it takes me only slightly more time to respond to 5 email as it does to 30 emails. So I plan to respond to email all at the same time.

#2 – Understand Myself – My best creative energies are in the morning, so I never schedule appointments in the morning. I use that time for message prep, developing systems, and problem solving. My afternoons then become times for me to meet with people, do admin, write letters, etc… It allows me to be much more effective.

#3 – To Do Lists – If I don’t have a list on my desk of what needs to be done, I am completely lost. Every morning before I get to the office, I spend 10 minutes writing down everything that I need to accomplish (this ranges from calls I need to make, research I need to do, messages to write, things I need to listen to, etc…). Backpack has really helped me in this regard. Now I do all of this online.

#4 – Be organized – You can’t make good use of your time if you’re spending 1/2 your time looking for stuff. This store will help you get organized and store things in an orderly way. Trust me, you’ll save time just by knowing where stuff is.

#5 – Use technology – My Trello helps me by having so much information stored in one place. The beauty of technology is that it can help us accomplish more by having what we need at our disposal. I just added a text messaging feature (I know I’m late to the party) to my phone because sometimes a 2 line text is all someone needs. If I call, it’s a 20 minute conversation about everything under the sun. Sometimes a call is necessary, but I like having the option to text, email, or call.

#6 – Utilize “Dead” Time – My executive pastor has helped me in this regard. He makes many of his calls while he’s in the car siting in traffic. This way the time isn’t wasted. I’ve been doing this as well. I always have a list of people to call, so when I’m hopping into my car I’ve usually got my phone in hand ready to call someone.

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Fix Your Follow Up For Easter

I learned a ton about plumbing a couple of years ago.

A leaky pipe burst and left me without a kitchen for the better part of a month.

I learned that when you have a leaky pipe, you have to pump twice the water through the pipe to get 1/2 the amount H2O when you open your faucet.

Here’s how this relates to church leadership and outreach…

Your church can spend lots of money on outreach and fill your seats on Easter.

However, if you don’t have a good follow up system and newcomers and new believers, they will slip out the back door like water through a leaky pipe.

So what’s the solution?


You can see more growth in your church by simply fixing your follow up strategy.

What are the common problems of a leaky follow up system?

Here’s 5 common leaks in the follow up funnel…

#1 – Not continually working on your follow up system

#2 – Not capturing contact information

#3 – Not preparing for New Believers

#4 – Not Giving Clear Next Steps

#5 – New Believers aren’t valued by the staff and leaders

The bottom line is, we more we work on these issues, the better our follow up becomes and the better we can serve people and help them take significant next steps in their faith.

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Easter Week Facebook Outreach

Our Facebook promotion is exploding this week as we’re gearing up for Easter.

And this is the time to do it.

People are making their plans for the weekend right now.

So make sure they’re planning to come to your church.

Here’s what our Facebook engagement looked like this past week:

Easter engagement

Almost 11,000 people reached in the last week and we’re just getting started.

More importantly, this is just our church’s page!

A majority of the post engagement is happening through our congregation’s personal pages. 

Here’s my simple guidance if you haven’t gotten the ball rolling yet on Facebook:

  1. Create some graphics for your congregation to share online this week promoting Easter.
  2. Send an email to your congregation asking them to share online and invite this weekend.
  3. Comment and share on what your people post about Easter to encourage engagement and re-posting.

Facebook can be huge for reaching people if you do it right.

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Promoting Easter On The Cheap

I had a Pastor email this last week and asked, “If you were on a shoestring budget and Easter was 1 week away, how would you get the word out about your church?”

I responded with one word. Facebook.

I love Facebook ads.


Because it’s the cheapest way to drive traffic to your website and let people know about your services.

Think about it. Facebook lets you…

1. Pick who your want to market to
2. Set a maximum budget
3. Constantly tweak and change your ads
4. Create different ads for different people at no extra cost

And that isn’t even the half of it!

Yet I giveth thee a word of warning…

Facebook can be very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But if you do it right, Facebook can be like buying high end merchandise at Walmart prices.

So here are 3 tips to creating Facebook ads or posts that get people to attend your church:

1. Know What you can and Can’t Do – Online evangelism/ marketing is most effective when you’re inviting someone to a church event. With Facebook ads for example, you have so few characters to work with that you can’t give a complete Gospel presentation. Instead, your best bet is to invite them to your church where you can present the Gospel in an environment conducive to them responding.

2. Think Active not Passive – At Calvary, we use both Google and Facebook. I prefer Facebook because it’s a more active outreach approach. Instead of waiting for someone to type “Church in (my town)”, you can craft a message they can respond to by speaking their language in the copy.

3. Focus on Benefits, not Features – A feature is “Batteries included”. A benefit is “Ready to play with right of the box”. So write copy that explains the benefits of attending your church.

I’ve written about these tips and more in my ebook, “4 Keys to Easter Outreach.”
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