I’m Closing The Church Ninja Store

The title of this post is not a joke.

Yes, I’m closing the Church Ninja store.


Simply, because leading a growing church is taking too much time and I want to focus on coaching pastors in our coaching programs.

When I started Church Ninja 7 years ago, all I did was create resources for the store and it was great.

What I’ve noticed is that Pastors want face-time and not just content.

We still give tons of content in our coaching programs, but it’s coupled with done-for-you resources and one-on-one coaching to help implement the strategies.

So for that reason I’m going to close the Church Ninja store.


If you’re interested in picking up a resource or 2 or 3 before the store closes, now is the time.

I’m going to be “turning off the lights” in May, so pick up the resources you want before it’s done.

In fact, here’s a coupon code to get 30% off any resource in the store. The code is churchninja30

Add that code during check out and the discount will apply.

Here’s a direct link to the Church Ninja Store.

Even though the store will be closing, I am more committed than ever to invest in pastors and help them succeed and reach more people.

We will still be doing a couple of events each year and offering our coaching programs for churches that want to break 200, 500, or 1000 in attendance.


P.S. Believe it or not, it’s takes a few days to close a online store. So if you ant to grab a few resources before they are gone, now’s the time. Here’s the link. Remember to use the code churchninja30

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