Easter: Don’t Slow Down Now…

Recently ran across this…

Billy Graham Invite Card

It’s Billy Graham’s decision card from the day he gave his life to Jesus.

He was invited to an evangelistic event by a friend and his life was changed forever.

But it’s not only his life…

Over 1 billion people have heard the Gospel because of Billy Graham.

And it all started with an invitation.  This week I shared this with our congregation and encouraged them to invite friends and see their lives changed.  And not just them…potentially many more.

Right now I’m sharing it with you because you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with all that’s going on.  Plans for multiple services, logistics for things like Easter egg hunts and parties, etc.

My encouragement to you is to not slow down now.  We’re getting close to crunch time–that means as people get closer to the weekend they’re making plans.

Among other things it’s definitely time to throttle up social media like facebook and instagram to get the word out.

You never know if the next Billy Graham is just waiting to hear an invite that could change everything.  Make sure you give him every opportunity…


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