Those that know me, know that I’m a huge Erwin McManus fan.  I’ve read each of his books at least twice!  But today I signed up for the Origins conference in [...]
This weekend we’re kicking off a series that’s going to take us to the week before Easter. It’s called, “Monsters”. As kids we thought there were mons[...]
One of the things we have not done well is assimilation. We are seeking to correct that problem. We’re blessed because in spite of our lack of organization in this area, we&#[...]
A couple of guys from our staff and I attended an assimilation conference today put on by Nelson Searcy from the Journey in New York City. Great stuff! We walked away with a lot of[...]
Dave has a great post today about how to keep sanity in your schedule as a Pastor.  It’s definitely worth a read and some consideration…[...]