We finished our series on the church on Sunday that we called "Origins".  I think it’s one of the strongest series’ we’ve ever done.  I found [...]
So I’m driving to south Miami for a meeting today and I’m ready to get on Turnpike when I see a construction sign (You know, the kind that flash and say, “Road co[...]
Yes, I know they’re in alphabetical order, but I believe Tony Morgan did that "Strategically" so we could be #6 on his coolest churches on his radar list.  &nb[...]
Today was awesome! The place was jammin’ and we gave our big push for small groups as a I taught a message on community called, “One Man Band”. The tables we had [...]
Well, it’s finally over!  The 2006 Southeast Pastor’s Conference is in the record books and I had a great time.  I always look forward to this conference for [...]