The Joy of Renting!

Niagara_fallsYesterday I walked in to the office and I noticed that the carpet was a darker blue than normal. Then I saw 2 guys carrying in these huge fans… That’s when I said it: “Not again!”

Yes, the water main exploded and water has been pouring in from every place you can imagine!

This morning it only got worse. They brought machines in to clean the carpets and the noise is unbearable! I can’t even hear myself think!

What does this mean?

Powerbook? – check!

A couple of books? – check!

Starbucks? – I’m Gone!


I had an amazing meeting with our elders and deacons last night. I wish I could tell you that I have championed the cause of developing our leaders, but unfortunately I have not…until now.

Last night we charted a course that involved intentional discipleship and development of current and future leaders.

The truth is, in any growing church, the Pastor has to stop only ministering to people and has to begin ministering through people. This requires time on my part, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

We have an amazing group of leaders and last night I remembered why they were all chosen. They are godly, gifted, and committed to the vision of Calvary Fellowship. And I’m proud to be numbered among them.

Origins Conference

Those that know me, know that I’m a huge Erwin McManus fan.  I’ve read each of his books at least twice!  But today I signed up for the Origins conference in LA in May.  I’m really excited about seeing what they are doing there, getting some great ideas, and of course hanging in Los Angeles for a couple of days isn’t bad either! 


1141406854_monsterwebThis weekend we’re kicking off a series that’s going to take us to the week before Easter. It’s called, “Monsters”. As kids we thought there were monsters living under the bed or in the closet. But we got older and learned that the monsters weren’t behind the furniture, they were inside of us. How do we fight off these monsters that creep into our lives and try to swallow us? How do we get free from these tendencies that seek to devour us?

We’re going to be looking at the children of Israel as they travel in the wilderness and encounter envy, fear, death, anger, and greed. I’m really excited about this series of messages. We’ve got some cool stuff planned that should be really fun.

This is going to be a great series to invite a friend to!