Today was awesome for several reasons: usa online casino slots

#1 – the weather is amazing! It’s been kind of hot the last few days, but yesterday and today were amazing. The weather was about 70 with a nice breeze. Great long sleeve shirt weather. united states online casino sites

the best online casino uk#2 – Church rocked! – The place was packed! The vibe was great! I taught from Numbers 20 and shared a lot of my own story. It was harder than I thought it would be, but I got an incredible amount of feedback. Tons of people were crying and were really moved by it. I didn’t really expect that. I guess my story connect with them.

#3 – Suncoast motion Picture company is going out of business – Well, some locations anyway. That being the case, I walked into one and they were selling EVERYTHING! DVD’s were 50% – 70% off. And they were selling all of their fixtures. So I bought a stainless steel fixture for our bookstore and some spotlights. It was great. And best of all, it was dirt cheap. And I bought 4 movies for next to nothing! This one, this one, this one, and this one.

The Joy of Renting!

software de casino onlineNiagara_fallsYesterday I walked in to the office and I noticed that the carpet was a darker blue than normal. Then I saw 2 guys carrying in these huge fans… That’s when I said it: “Not again!”

slot machines for ipad 2Yes, the water main exploded and water has been pouring in from every place you can imagine!

slots playThis morning it only got worse. They brought machines in to clean the carpets and the noise is unbearable! I can’t even hear myself think!

What does this mean?

Powerbook? – check!

A couple of books? – check!

Starbucks? – I’m Gone!


real online casino iphoneI had an amazing meeting with our elders and deacons last night. I wish I could tell you that I have championed the cause of developing our leaders, but unfortunately I have not…until now.

Last night we charted a course that involved intentional discipleship and development of current and future leaders. real live gambling online

pokie casino onlineThe truth is, in any growing church, the Pastor has to stop only ministering to people and has to begin ministering through people. This requires time on my part, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

We have an amazing group of leaders and last night I remembered why they were all chosen. They are godly, gifted, and committed to the vision of Calvary Fellowship. And I’m proud to be numbered among them. poker dice online casino