Carey and I were having lunch at my favorite restaurant today (P.F. Chang’s), when we got our fortune cookies at the end of our meal and I noticed something interesting: fortune cookies aren’t what they used to be. What did they used to be? Fortunes. What are they now? Social commentaries and positive insights.

Old school fortune: You will be a millionaire by year’s end

New school fortune: Determination and hard work pay off

When the server gives me the bill, which does he want me to believe, that I’m going to rich within a matter of months or telling me that every penny I get in life is going to come by hard work? I’m just sayin’…

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  1. Rudy Garrido Reply

    They should say something like…
    Help! I am being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery!
    Confucius say he who like to read fortune cookies loves Chinese food

  2. Phillip Santillan Reply

    hah…you’re totally right. (by the way, we LOVE P.F. Changs too!!) I will say, that the “new school” fortunes do sound better when you add the phrase “in bed” (with your wife of course) right after it. Can I say that?! I guess I just did…

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