Announcing 2 Guest Speakers for the Magnetic Church Conference!

With our Magnetic Church Bootcamp just over 2 weeks away, I thought I’d share two of the special guests we’re hosting at the event.

And they are… (drum roll please)

pedro garciaPastor Pedro Garcia from Calvary Kendall in Miami, FL!

Calvary Kendall is a church that runs more than 2,500 people on a weekend.

Pedro planted his church in 2000 with just a handful of people and today, people line up for an hour just to get a seat.

Calvary Kendall has one of the best church cultures I’ve ever seen.

Pedro is going to be talking about creating this kind of culture where there is a sense of anticipation every single week.

And we are blessed to have Pastor David Hughes from Church by the Glades in Coral Springs.mark hughes

Church by the Glades is a church that runs more than 8,000 people on a weekend. They were named the one of the fastest growing churches.

What’s amazing is that when David become the pastor, it was a church of less than 400!

Church by the Glades is one of the most creatives churches I’ve seen and that have one of the best inviting cultures I have ever seen.

David is going to be talking about creating momentum, sermon planning, and creating a culture where inviting your friends is totally normal.

Both of these guys are going to be bringing the heat and I want you to be there!

All the info about the bootcamp is here. 

FYI: the early bird rate of $99/person ends this Friday (2/5). 

So grab your whole staff and make it a point to be here.

The Magnetic Church Bootcamp is happening on February 18-19, 2016 at the brand new Calvary facility in Miramar, FL!

When your church is magnetic, you can…

  • See people reached with the Gospel every Sunday
  • Reach your community faster than you thought possible
  • Create excitement and momentum in your church
  • Focus on what matters and let go of the knucklehead stuff that eats up your time
  • Use every possible means to reach people automatically!

Learn more about the event here.

1 Simple Way To Strengthen Your Church Staff

Lots of pastors ask me where to begin when it comes to training their teams or changing their church’s culture.

Here is the one thing you can do to set the course you want to take in your ministry with those you serve with…

Be clear.

It sounds simple and yet it’s more challenging than we realize.

Being clear is about knowing who you are AND who you are not.

This means saying ‘no’ to a lot of things so you can say ‘yes’ to the right things.

So give you team clarity about…

  • What is expected of them in their positions
  • What we stand for as a church
  • What our philosophy of ministry is
  • The kind of attitude required to do ministry well on this team

Too many pastors believe these things are simply “caught” rather than “taught”.

I disagree.

If you want your staff or team to perform well, give them a clear blueprint of what’s expected of them.

Not being clear with your staff about these essential areas is one of the BIG mistakes I see many senior pastors make over and over again.

Unfortunately, it’s not the only one.

In fact I’ve created a simple ebook compiling the “Top 5 Leadership Mistakes Senior Pastors Make” and today you can get it for free.

Just put in your info below. 

5 Factors Your Church Needs to Double This Easter

Every Pastor wants their church to double this Easter.

(Only 60 days away right now)

But how?

I’ve worked closely with 100’s of churches helping them grow their churches and reach their communities.

I’ve learned that there are 5 “doubling” factors that churches need to be serious about if they want to see significant increase on Easter.

Churches need to…

1. Mobilize their Congregation They need to equip people to invite friends, family, co-workers and classmates to church.

2. Unleash their Creativity They must start thinking differently and employing new methods to reach people far from God.

3. Extend their Reach This means we need to put together strategies for reaching those who have no connection to our church at all.

4. Improve their Communication If a Pastor will not commit to growing as a communicator and learning new ways of communicating the Gospel, the church will be stuck.

5. Increase their Faith Churches must believe that God has only called them to reach their communities, but they God has also strategically placed them in their communities to reach people right now.

Our Double on Easter training gives you everything you need to see your church explode with growth this Easter AND sustain the growth throughout the year.


Listen: there’s nothing exciting about growing like crazy on Easter and then dropping back down to your Pre-Easter attendance a week later.

In fact, here’s what you’ll receive when you invest in the Double on Easter training…

  • 9 step-by-step training modules that take all of the mystery out of what you need to do to grow this Easter
  • Every promotional piece to let your community know about your Easter services
  • Each promotional piece is customized for your church (so no need to hire an expensive designer)
  • A one-on-one strategy session with either Mark or Bob to help you develop a plan for Easter
  • A live Q and A session that will bring clarification for you and your team
  • A fully developed road map for your team to see explosive growth this Easter and beyond!

Double on Easter is the most comprehensive training we’ve ever developed.

It is literally the A-Z for growing your church this Easter.

So I invite you to check it out.

Lastly, we’re offering a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you invest in the Double on Easter training and don’t feel like it’s right for you, contact us and we’ll refund you what you invested.

This is how strongly we feel about this program.


this easter


#1 Graduate Level Outreach & Discipleship Strategy

61 Days Until Easter…

As we are gearing up for our annual Double On Easter Coaching (available now until Wednesday, January 27th), we are really focused on what we call graduate level outreach strategies.

In my last post I mentioned that it was a mistake not to engage new believers leading up to Easter with outreach.


Because studies have shown that within 2 years Christians tend to lose a lot of their non-Christian contacts.

But there is a specific approach that will not only help disciple these new believers but ensure you reach more people with your outreach on social media and elsewhere.  And it is this:

Give directions to take simple outreach steps. 

For example, we leverage the trust and relationships people have on social media to reach their friends and families.  But we make it simple.


One way is that we create a simple sharing page with sample posts and tweets, images for instagram.  Things that are easily shareable.  We do all the work minus the actual posting for them.

Then as we get closer to Easter we direct everyone to share specific things on each particular day.

People are good at following directions as long as we’re clear and we put for the effort to make it simple for them.

Even before a person can sit down and have a deep theological conversation with their friends and family they can take these simple steps.

And it’s through obedience in these little things and seeing the fruit that they can take bigger steps in their faith.

So to implement this strategy, think about how you can make the first outreach steps simple for new believers and the rest of your congregation.

If you’d like to see more “Graduate Level Outreach Strategies” sign up for our free video training:

4 Outreach Mistakes to Avoid This Easter

65 Days until Easter and as we gear up for the Superbowl of Church I’ve got 4 common mistakes for you to avoid here if you want to have a huge Easter.

  1. Trying to Talk to Everyone the Same Way.  When you’re doing direct mail, you choose your group and stick to it.  But with Facebook ad targeting you have no excuse.  You choose who sees your Easter Promotion.  So first identify which types of people are most likely to attend an stay at your church.  Then customize your promotion for their different interests.  Don’t talk to everyone the same way.
  2. Failure to Mobilize the Congregation.  You can’t do it alone as the pastor.  But you can do it as a congregation if you start mobilizing everyone early enough.  As we get closer to the big day, communicate the outreach importance of Easter.  Give them the tools they need to share and invite online and in person.  And don’t forget to share the stat that 82% of people invited to Easter say ‘yes.’
  3. Not Knowing What Promotional Outreach Can and Can’t Do.  A postcard or ad online is great for inviting people to an event.  It’s not an effective way to share the gospel.  So remove everything that isn’t about the event that you’re inviting people to.  Tell them what they’ll experience.  Tell them the benefits.  Tell them where to go and when.  Cut everything else out.
  4. Not Building Up To Easter.  Most pastors don’t realize that new believers are some of the best inviters.  The reason: they haven’t lost contact with their non-believing friends.  As time passes what naturally happens is that people tend to hang out with other Christians and then they get a Christian hairdresser and before you know it they’ve lost contact with a lot of unchurched friends.  This is why we do an evangelistic sermon series leading up to Easter.  When we first did it I thought we would spend all of our evangelistic credits before Easter.  But because new believers invited friends, we had the biggest Easter ever.

Avoid these outreach mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to having a bigger Easter.  If you’d like to hear 3 other mistakes you’ll want to avoid sign up for our free video series where I go through all 7 mistakes and give you an action checklist.

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